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Foot Orthotic Design and Manufacture

Cad Cam (Computer aided design -Computer aided manufacture) technology has been a part of orthotic manufacture for over a decade.

The quality of these systems range from very simple, operator friendly programs to powerful programs assisting skilled technicians to make orthotics that give the podiatrist and their patient the product they need.

Too many Orthotic CAD programs use a 'library' type device that matches the foot with a pre- designed orthotic which best resembles what is prescribed. These are not custom made foot orthoses and do a disservice to both the podiatrist and more importantly the patient. These programs require little skill to operate and too often do not give the results required.



We have spent an enormous amount of time and effort developing our Cad technology with software developers and skilled orthotic technicians from around the world, enabling us to design and manufacture orthoses we believe are the best available.


Advantages of the program-


Our design software allows us to continue what we have been doing with the skills learnt over many years, without compromising the quality of our product.

All design and information is kept on file indefinitely so that replacement orthoses can be manufactured quickly and beyond traditional cast storage limits.

How does it work?

A scan is taken of either a plaster cast, foam impression or directly of the patients foot. Click here for a video of the scanning process.

This scan is entered into the Cad program, assessed and altered as required.It is only after these steps we commence the prescribed adjustments.

Unlike many orthotic Cad programs the design power of this program allows us to adjust any part of the orthotic shell or foot scan, giving us total control over every area.


Once designed the orthotics are then sent to 2 more programs which design the milling path and convert the information into a milling code.


The CNC mill then machines either a positive mold for vacuum forming or a milled polypropylene shell.

Once machining is completed covers and padding are added and the completed orthoses are despatched and on their way to another happy customer!





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